Taylor Pacific Petites



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Very Good

The Pacific Petites are great the size is perfect I love them grilled just had two dozen tonight you want go wrong with them and service is always the best

Delicious Oysters

These oysters were a hit at my father in laws birthday bbq. Delicious, great price, and the delivery was seamless. I highly recommend.

Perfect online order

I've tried order online for oysters from 4 different farms this summer. So far, Taylor offers the best options and quality! Would def come back again! Thanks, you guys really did a good job!

First time Ordering online

Dale and I were very impressed with the quality of the oysters we ordered online. Here we are trying 2 different kinds this time. Grillers and Petit s.
Previous shipment arrived on time and all items in box were frozen. We love

Pacific petites

Just as good as when I lived in Bremerton and would stop in and pick them up. Delicious


Super fresh and super delicious! I’m so glad I ordered these as they were THE perfect size to eat raw

Great deal

The quality of oysters, service, and reasonable shipping charge put this at the top of my list to order again. THe oysters were fresh and delicious and order arrived first thing in the morning so I could get them into the fridge. I will order again soon.

Great oysters!

Excellent and delicious oysters. The order would have been perfect however about half of the oysters arrived frozen. I ended up just grilling the frozen ones instead but have loved to have them all fresh!


So tasty even my husband joined me eating a as many raw as I could get shucked before we put them on the grill. Couldn’t quite eat 3dz but that was the smallest bundle so we shared the last dz with out next door neighbor... social distancing, of course! Will definitely do again!