Fat Bastard Oysters (30 pcs)


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Wonderful West Coast Oysters

Fat Bastards have become one of my favorites. They arrived extremely well packed, and I could not resist opening one right from the package. Very easy to shuck, the oyster is briny at the start, but certainly not overpoweringly so. The finish is a sweet and flavorful mouthful. All in all, a wonderful oyster and satisfyingly beautiful lying in the half shell.

Everything worked out perfectly. Oysters arrived on time and the packaging is superb. Fat Bastards are my favorite oysters and they arrived imn perfect condition. Very deep shells, easy to shuck and were quite plump with a fresh briny taste.

Was concerned about having them shipped but the packaging was great and they arrived perfectly fresh.

Quickly becoming my fav!

If you love a fresh Shigoko, this is just a larger version! Very fresh and crisp with a very light melon finish. I never grilled them but raw is outstanding! I order from Taylor a lot and the oysters are always thank you!

Delicious, but tough to crack

Loved these guys for grilling, and the durability of them. Stayed closed and lovely for raw consumption for six days (I used a cooler with them elevated over ice). We grilled them with some herb/garlic/lemon butter and everyone loved 'em.

Fat Bastard Oysters

Bought these for a college graduation backyard party, specifically to char-grill. They were outstanding. Easy to shuck (for a Pacific oyster), just as meaty and succulent as advertised, and they grilled up perfectly. A real crowd pleaser. Will be serving these again (they'd be great raw on the half shell). Thanks guys.