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Pacfic Grillers

We had the oysters shipped to family in Baton Rouge, LA. They do have oysters in Louisiana...but they do not compare. Thanks for making this easy & delicious.

Pacific grillers

Excellent quality, delivery and freshness. I've ordered twice this month.

Pacific Grillers

Very good tasting as usual. Shipping was on time and packaging was good. Tasty!!

Pacific Smalls

My first time ordering oysters directly. Awesome service and product! One note, I didn’t realize how large a “small” oyster was. Next time I’ll get the extra small.

Pacific smalls

Delicious, super fresh. One drawback: the shells are a bit more brittle, a bit more "shaggy" than, say, Kumomotos and the more expensive oysters. So, when you shuck, you get a bit more "stuff" than usual in your oyster. Easily cleaned out, but it is just a small difference.

Very good

Super fresh, not a single one was bad. Shipping didn’t hurt these little guys in any way.


Very good flavor even with the size

Medium Pacific Oysters

Outstanding! Ready for more.

Pacific Small

The oysters were extremely fresh with excellent flavor. The packaging was robust and the oysters arrived in NC as scheduled.
I am extremely impressed with the quality of oysters produced by Taylor Shellfish Farms