Taylor Live Pacific Grillers (30 pcs)


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Pacific Grillers

I received the oysters on the day I requested. Every one of them were fresh and delicious. Will definitely be ordering them again.

pacific grillers

The best customer service.

Pacific Grillers

Strongly recommended, Great packaging, fresh and cool, eat them half raw and half cooked, fantastic taste, big and meaty.


So my 3 stars is for preference on flavor vs the quLity or any other issue. Theae are big and meaty. We ate them raw and roasted with some cheese garlis etc. everyone preferred them topped vs raw. The flavor was briny but also very fishy in everyone’s opinion. We did not get sweet from them and flavor was beyond just vegetal and very “oceany”. We will order from Taylor again but not these.

My favorite oysters

As far as I am concerned these are the best oysters. They are very sweet and briny. They are larger and I love to eat them raw as well as to grill them. They are fresh, shipped free when spending over a certain threshold, and they have been arriving on time. I buy from Taylor one to two times a month. The oysters are not inexpensive but I think they are worth the money.

Oysters are amazing and good size too!

These oysters arrived nicely packaged, and was the perfect grill surf and turf. Though there were some oysters that were empty with mud; It was still a very good quality product. I highly recommend you get this as the quantity and cost is excellent.

Great !

Fresh, timely arrival. Terrific.

Pacific Griller Oysters

These were a gift to my brother and sister in law. We grew up in Seattle and have been to Taylor shellfish, they live in Arizona now and they were excited to get these. They raved about them. Happy Customer

Pacific Grillers

Excellent oyster! Shucked, topped with cheeses , garlic butter, and fresh herbs , on the grill! Could not be better! Thanks! Cheers!