Shigoku Oysters (30 pcs)


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My #2 Fave

I Love Shigoku's. Love ordering from Taylor Shellfish, it's packed really well. I just hope we can Order Crabs again


I used these oysters for an "East Meets West" oyster bar party. They have a deep cup, hold their liquor well and are mild but meaty. They are a nice pairing with Kumamoto oysters. Taylor's shipping packaging is the best I have ever seen. The oysters arrived fresh and cold. Thank you Taylor.

Best oyster, best shipping and service.

Had a hundred Shigokus delivered uber fresh and right on time for a family birthday dinner in Colorado. They were a special treat and of the typical top notch Taylor quality.


Delicious as can be, but all that tumbling must put on muscle; those guys put up quite a fight opening. Well worth it.

Delicious, best customer service

Fresh.. tasty and sweet.. can't resist. A day after I order this one, I also ordered the Sumo Komo.. The customer service is superior, they combined my both orders and shipped to me next day with nice packing

Shigoku Oysters

Oysters were great. The only issue was two were open.


I love the deep shell of these oysters. However they lack consistency. 7 shells out of 40 where open and dried out and some that were close had very little liquid in them. Some were very good however but probably won't buy this oyster again. The store itself does an excellent job packing and arrives FedEx NDA early morning delivery.


These were perfect oysters with deep cups and a nice flat lid. Packaged extremely well. I preferred these to the Kumamoto because they weren't as intensely salty and were more sweet and melony. Some of them were unbelievably sweet! I would definitely get them again

Shigoku oysters

First venture into online oyster ordering. Wow!! Excellent quality, well packaged, timely delivery...Happy customer sure to return.