Shigoku Oysters



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60 ct shigoku

Absolutely the best everytime! Allways the same, perfect!!

shigoku oysters

amazing amazing amazing...great taste and texture
easiest oyster I have ever shucked, and I'm a chef with experience
delivered on time, well packaged, and very clean

Fabulous Oysters & Customer Service

and always on time delivery!

Shigoku Oysters

We moved from Bellevue WA to Bentonville AR and were craving a taste of the PNW. What better way than to order Shigokus from Taylor Shellfish. Great packaging, awesome oyster and the best shellfish company in the world! We miss you!!!!

Shigoku Oysters

I recently bought a box of Shigoku Oysters from Taylor shellfish farms online. The oysters arrived the next day well packaged and fresh, I immediately got to shucking and soon found that we had slurped down half the box in no time, we didn't even dress the oysters or add sauce. The Shigokus are my favorite they are absolutely delicious. The rest of the box was savored over the next couple of days, just follow the instructions and they stay nice and fresh. Will be ordering again soon.


I bought the Shiguko and 2 other kinds for my daughter & and son-in-law for their 15th anniversary. We live in the south but they felt there was no comparison to these. Unfortunately their 12 year old felt the same and left them the other ones and ate most of the Shiguko.

Shigoku oysters

Loved them!! So fresh. Ate them right out of the shell

shigoku oysters

All I can say is " I thought I died and went to heaven" !!! There was not one bad oyster in the lot and they were so clean tasting and so sweet with a hint of the sea. I am impressed !!! Thank you.

Shigoku Oysters

I love these oysters. I can eat them raw anytime. And my family loves them too. I will definitely order them again. The only thing is, shipping is so expensive. I wish they can lower it down.