Frozen Top Off Oysters



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Frozen Top Off Oysters

If you are an oyster lover, stuck in the Midwest, these are a miracle product! Out of the freezer , into the oven for baked or broiled recipes; out of the freezer, into the refrigerator for delightful raw preparation the next day! Seriously, the quality of these oysters cannot be denied, no matter where you live! Who ever thought of oysters as a convenience product!

Frozen Tip Off Oysters

I was very reluctant to but “frozen” oyster from the other side of the country. But this is 2020 and things are different this year. I was amazed how wonderful these were. Grilled them with a nice herbed butter and everyone was asking for more! Definitely these are now a part of My grill repertoire.

So convenient

This is a convenient way to have oysters whenever you need them, and just the number you need. They thaw quickly on a grill or in a stir-fry. They are delicious, plump and meaty. I've ordered several times!

Still frozen when arrived in 100+ degree day

Taylor Seafood ROCKS! These arrived frozen due to the extra care when packing with dry ice, insulated container and a waxed cardboard box.
I love having these in my freezer so that I can make a dozen just for me, or more for a party.
They cook up from frozen to delicious in no time on the Weber grill.

Top off oysters

Excellent product, love them and will order again

Top Off Oysters......disastrous delivery.. amazing recovery!!!

We ordered the Top Off oysters for a wedding reception. They arrived a day later than was expected. They were totally thawed and nearly 70 degrees. We were frantic! I called Taylor Shellfish and explained the dilemma. They understood completely and personally hand delivered replacement product the next day! Product was perfect and every single oyster was enjoyed topped with Our Bacon, Leek and Tomato Vinaigrette! I will absolutely order this product again and again! Fabulous customer service!

These frozen shucked oysters are tops

Cannot begin to say how happy we agree with these frozen shucked oysters on the half shell. I put them on the grill to defrost, added Rockefeller topping, and man oh man the rave reviews came in! Could not be any better. Worth every penny.

Amazing oysters

I ordered these beauties and was very satisfied with the delivery! Made these on the open pit grill and used the Drago Restaurant Oysters recipe from New Orleans! These were awesome. Surprised my son as he came to visit and loved them! I will order again. I like how these beauties came already shucked and frozen!

Frozen Top Off Oysters

I was worried about having ordered when the temperature would be over 100F when they arrived, but was assured that their packing would reflect their shipping experience. Sure enough, the oysters arrived frozen, and they were creamy and delicious! Will surely place another order soon.