Frozen Top Off Oysters (30 pcs)


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top off oysters

Great stuff. ready to eat and were delicious. I would not hesitate to order them again.

Wonderful top offs!

Omg these were so easy to fix. We used our own butter topper and will be finishing the box on New Years with a pasta, feta and roasted tomato side. We want to visit the Shelton store soon . . .

Frozen Top Off Oysters

The oysters were fabulous! I am so impressed by the customer service of Taylor Shellfish. The oysters arrived in Montana frozen as promised. They were packed perfectly and tasted so fresh. We ate them raw and everyone at our Christmas Eve celebration loved them, too. I will definitely be ordering these oysters again!!

Frozen top off oysters

Outstanding. Baked then broiled them with Herb Butter and Chili Crisp. Tasted like right off the boat. The star of our Christmas celebration.

A Terrific Meal!

We have had these twice now from Taylor. We live in Texas and are not able to ship in live oysters from outside Texas - so these are a fabulous alternative. We grilled them and they were a centerpiece of our Christmas party! I only buy from Taylor.


They arrived fresh, still frozen…great packaging. I like oysters, especially the small ones. These are big and meaty. These are bigger, and we’re difficult to eat, not slurp able. They probably needed more cooking time from frozen than your recipe called for. Will try them again with a Cajun or Rockefeller style!


These are the PERFECT baking Oyster! So fresh and plump and juicy. I thaw them, top them with minced garlic, chopped parsley, smoked paprika, and panko. I put those on a baking sheet into a 375 oven for about 20 minutes, then turn on the broiler to finish, about 4 minutes. Simply wonderful, almost ready to order more.

top off oysters ( 30 pcs)

when my pkg arrived it was the stir of the office , :) I tell ya they all wanted to follow me to my apt, right away I put 6 in a container of the fridge as I was looking forward to the next day meal, they are so large and smell fresh like the ocean/ the first meal I mixed my favorite deep fry and enjoyed them with a side salad / few days later I enjoy 4 baked in the toaster oven, with the yummy butter that came with the order, I tell ya the best meals at home and it bets the best restaurant in my area and I enjoyed at home / top it off with a nice white wine / I suggest you try them / YUMYUM the best / delivery was tops as well

Top off grillers

These oysters were delicious on the BBQ with artichoke jalapeño sauce or butter and garlic.