Kumamoto Oysters



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Kumamoto oysters

They arrived in the neighborhood, we found and secured them and began instant oyster enjoyment. Only two empty shells out of 80.
Made some first-time ever new fresh oyster fans! Delicious oysters!!

Kumamoto Oysters

Love the Oysters! Fresh and Tasty. Will most definitely order. Taylor Shellfish is mu got to for Oysters

10/10 Would HIGHLY Recommend

I ordered 80 for our 3rd of July feast. It’s the money move to bring oysters to a gathering.

Amazing oysters!!

The oysters were phenomenal!

Kumamoto Oysters

So friggin delicious, came quickly, fresh, easy to shuck. I will be buy again for sure. Interestingly 1 of the 40 was completely empty however, even though the shell undamaged and was completely closed?? weird happenstance I guess.


Kumamotos were of superb quality, packaged quite nicely, and arrived on time.

review by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2020

Freshest Oysters

Every single one was fresh and amazing! On-time delivery in excellent shape despite the hot weather!

Highly Recommended

Tasted great, arrived on time and were packed much better than any seafood I have previously ordered.


Great quality and punctual delivery.