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I've been happy with prior orders of goeduck but recently I noticed the goeduck is considerably smaller


I am still wondering why it took me so long to discover Taylor shellfish farms. Great Geoduck. it did not survive after arrival at destination YUM

Fresh Geoduck

As always, wonderfully sweet and crunchy. Made the best fritters with the belly. Perfect for you and yours!


Absolutely tremendous!!! Living in Maine & owning a restaurant, I have very high standards for sure. This Geoduck exceeded my expectations!!!! Bravo


Big, beautiful, and delicious! This was our first time ordering and preparing geoduck ourselves, my husband and I were not disappointed. It arrived cold and was fresh, it tasted just like we remembered.


I understand that you're a business, I respect that. As a customer, I don't understand why in this country of origin that we don't have a size that I can pick from. Those of us that are willing to pay, however minuscule, would like a choice in size to purchase. Other than that, great product! It's fresh, on time and very tasty!


Tasted good, disappointed in the very small size of the one I received ,but it was alive and got here quick Unfortunately I don’t think I will order again unless the option of size is available


We have ordered the geoducks many times and they are always fresh and delicious!

Geoduck first timet

It was really good. Just 5 second boil and ice bath and really tasty!