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Tasted good, disappointed in the very small size of the one I received ,but it was alive and got here quick Unfortunately I don’t think I will order again unless the option of size is available


We have ordered the geoducks many times and they are always fresh and delicious!

Geoduck first timet

It was really good. Just 5 second boil and ice bath and really tasty!

Geoduck, Manila’s and oysters

Came as advertised fresh and loved the size of geo and the small size of the steamers. Did geoduck cakes with shallots and Pablo, we are not big on sushi. Steamers we steamed with white wine butter shallots green onions and garlic. Was enough for the two of us on steamers, we used the left over clams to make clam chowder which is the best with the clams! Oysters where as advertised ate them raw and did a some oyster Rockefeller on the BBQ. Was very happy with the product being that I grew up around the sound. Would buy again.


Very fresh and very much alive. I loved that part. However the size was quite small compared to other companies


Ordered two for sashimi on Thanksgiving. Very fresh: one alive & vigorously shrunk when poked, other also shrunk but slower. Followed instructions for keeping them alive. Slaughtered & ate them two days later. That day they were nonreactive, but after slicing & chilling in fridge on presentation platter, they arrived at dinner table sweet & very crunchy as in sushi bar. Extremely delighted!


Geoduck was delicious but very small and skinny, especially compared to the pictures and for the price.

Smaller than expected

I saw a Youtuber ordered it from here and hers looks much bigger than the geoduck we’ve received. The packaging was great but shipping was pricey.


I order 12. All fresh and well package. Our family dined at Taylor Shell Fish previously, and now extremely happy to see that the company ships national wide. We can enjoy the super fresh GEODUCK in Florida. One thing though, if bigger size is available, that is even better !!!!!!!!!