Small Shucked Oyster Meat

$20.00 - $60.00


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Taylor Shellfish Small Oysters

These were hands down the best oysters I have ever eaten. They beat anything I have ever ordered in a restaurant or bought in a store. They were so fresh and flavorful. I can't wait to order more. Thank-you for offering this service! You're the best!

medium and small shucked oysters

If you like oysters, raw or cooked, you will love these. I grew up eating oysters, baked in the shell, fried or raw in the half-shell. These by far are the best that I ever had. Thank you Taylor Shellfish Farms!

Small shucked oyster meat

Absolutely the best oysters! I ordered 64 oz and they were fresh and so tasty! I just pan fried them with flour, panko, salt, pepper and old bay seasoning.

Small shucked oysters

The oysters were very fresh and delicious. Your service is outstanding. I will be ordering from you again

Small shucked oysters!

So good! So fresh! So soon gone! No one even made it to the grill! Thanks so much!

Shucked oysters

Getting these oysters was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I couldn’t believe how incredibly fresh and sweet these oysters were! We’re so thankful that you are offering these. Thank you!


These oysters are excellent quality. My sister has an oyster beach in Shelton but it is so much easier to order fresh oysters from Taylor shellfish. Thank-you again for perfect and fresh oysters.

Deliciously Fresh

We ordered these, by accident, a week early. They arrived on time, and we waited a week to use them for Thanksgiving dinner. They were SO DELICIOUS! Fresh like they were right out of the ocean. We made oyster stew and all loved the flavor, texture and yummy flavor of the small oysters. I would highly recommend ordering from Taylor Farms!!

The small oysters were wonderful.

The small oysters were wonderful. Here in Seabrook, Texas we don't ear our oysters in the Summer (the State closes the beds) so we get the cold water oysters from Washington and they are so good. Thank you!!!!