Frozen Cleaned Geoduck (1lb)


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I made Sashimi with it and it was spectacular! Have no worries on the quality of the clam it out does and is much cheaper then buying it at a sushi restaurant. The flavor is very good and hard to describe if you have not eaten a geoduck clam before.

Frozen Cleaned Geoduck

Everything arrived Lightning Fast and in perfect condition. I have never had Geoduck before but have always wanted to try it. Opting for the Frozen and Cleaned Geoduck instead of live was the best alternative. I am not a fan of raw seafood, so I chose to slice the entire Geoduck into pieces and sautee in butter. It has a beautiful crunchy and (strangely enough) tender texture similar to lotus root. And the flavor was a mix between clams, scallops, and little hint of calamari. When prepared like this it created a caramelization (similar to when you prepare scallops). We used crusty Italian bread to dip into the remaining butter. I highly suggest to anyone who is looking for a wonderful taste of the sea to purchase this product and prepare as I had. You wont regret it! Thank you Taylor Shellfish. I shall be coming back for more , as will the friends in which I shared this new taste experience. I am a happy customer for life.

Frozen geoduck

Came thawed but I stuck it in the freezer immediately. When I used it the flavor was perfect and texture was right on par. Cheers

Fresh geoduck

Fresh and delicious geoduck


Good quality, fresh. Will definitely order again.


Fresh, Clean, Sashimi quality!!LOVE IT!

really fresh!

I made chowder with some of my geoduck, and I should have tenderized (pounded) it, as it was pretty chewy, but made for a robust chowder. I will tenderize the remainder and saute, or make ceviche! sure was nice and fresh!!!!

Frozen Cleaned Geoduck Clam Meat

100% edible, no waste, only a bit less crunchy than live purchased geoduck. Price comparison makes purchase a great buy. 10 pounds will be gone by 1st day of Spring. Hoping that this offer will continue.

Cleaned Geoduck

OMG!!! Sushi quality geoduck. I'm so glad, they now offer the clean variety, because I was intimidated to buy the live and clean it. Comes vacuum packed and on-time delivery. I'm planning on making a lot of sashimi, ceviches and salads. Thank you, Taylor Farms