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Pacific Small



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Pacific Small

The oysters were extremely fresh with excellent flavor. The packaging was robust and the oysters arrived in NC as scheduled.
I am extremely impressed with the quality of oysters produced by Taylor Shellfish Farms

review by Unknown on Dec 26th 2019

Excellent as always.

Excellent as always.

pacific smalls

my absolute favorites! living in central california, it is such a gift to be able to have these beauties on my door step. having lived at the coast, i can honestly say that they taste as briny and fresh as if i was eating them on the beach. Bravo!!

Pacific smalls

Outstanding oysters !! The best tasting and freshest I’ve ever had. This time I had them shipped, they arrived exactly when Taylor said they would arrive, in perfect condition. I also love driving down to there location and picking them up.

Small oysters in shell

Funny story. Didn’t realize I’d ordered them IN THE SHELL!! So we watched YouTube and had lots of fun learning to open them. My son-in-law, my ex husband and I.

My favorites

Although these are usually grilled or otherwise cooked, Pacifics are some of my favorites to enjoy on the half shell. They can be a bit challenging for the neophyte to shuck and can be a bit stubborn but the reward is a succulent, sweet oyster that is a beautiful mouthful of goodness. Not as briny as some, the taste is mild and satisfying. Asians (such as myself) love this size, but if you're intimidated by larger oysters, try the extra smalls. Either way, you can't go wrong with these!

Well we ordered these oysters to be sent down to the Mohave desert. It’s was about a hundred degrees. They showed up very fresh and on time. Friends and family loved them and couldn’t believe they were so fresh and eating oysters in the desert. I would recommend Taylor Shellfish to all my friends and family. I would especially like to thank customer service for helping me put in my order and making so easy.