Kumamoto Oysters



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Kumamoto oysters

The Kumamotos were as good as they were last time - always outtstanding.

Kumamoto oysters

Arrived as requested on 4/24 and, as usual, were perfection.

Best oysters we have had!

We would order these oysters again in a second! Some of the best we have ever had! No need for a mignonette sauce, these are perfect just the way they are!! Packaging for shipment was well done also!


Best oysters on the planet. No need for mignonette or any other sauce, the natural briney goodness is all that's needed. Taylor has 5-Star service: on time delivery plus each Kumie has always been fresh and pristine; never any bad ones. Highly recommended! Ken Koger


I've been purchasing oysters for some time now, but the shipping, and quality of their product was first class and I felt like I had the best quality product around.


Will definitely buy again. Arrived on time, packaging was very well done, oysters were very fresh. Best I have bought in a long time.

Kumamoto Oysters

Arrived on-time and were delicious! Will definitely be doing again!


I lived in Union years ago and would pick these up when going to family gatherings in Seattle. I Sent them to my brother in CA and he flipped out as to how good they were. Well worth it.

Excellent Oyster

These oysters are nothing short of the very best oyster to eat raw with a few micro-greens right out of the shell.
The taste of this oyster is extremely refreshing and simply delicious. This oyster served as described above is a welcoming treat on a cold Winters night. Will be ordering more as we have been doing for over 15 years now. Taylor Shellfish farms have never disappointed.

Thank you for providing us the public the opportunity to have quick access to this little gem.