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Great briny oysters

These were great briny, sweet oysters that were packaged extremely well. I took one star off because I had 4 duds in my box of 40 which is 10% and I think that's too high. But the rest of them were very good. Definitely a saltier, more briny oyster


Both the Kumamotos and the service were outstanding. Easy to order, great packaging, prompt delivery, fresh and carefully selected. Far, far superior to anything I can buy in the Midwest at even the best seafood markets. Thanks, Taylor Shellfish! I'll order more soon...

Kumamoto Oysters

Very pleased with the shipping speed, packaging, and quality of these oysters. Freshness and flavor both 100%. I was skeptical at first (oysters online?), but frankly, it had been so long since I had my favorites, Kumamoto, that I was willing to risk it all. Glad I took the chance! Will definitely reorder these and look into other offerings from this site.

Products and Service

Oysters we received last week were incredible. The updates on the shipment were outstanding. Packaging well thought through. My friends were shared the purchase also were impressed.

Overall Experience

A first class operation and good experience from inception to execution. Thank you for working so hard to provide us nature's bountiful gifts. Kumamoto Oysters were received in excellent condition with date of harvest just one day prior..Wow! Got fairly good at opening them...fresh, fresh, fresh. Stay healthy!

Kumamoto oysters

They arrived in the neighborhood, we found and secured them and began instant oyster enjoyment. Only two empty shells out of 80.
Made some first-time ever new fresh oyster fans! Delicious oysters!!

Kumamoto Oysters

Love the Oysters! Fresh and Tasty. Will most definitely order. Taylor Shellfish is mu got to for Oysters

10/10 Would HIGHLY Recommend

I ordered 80 for our 3rd of July feast. It’s the money move to bring oysters to a gathering.

Amazing oysters!!

The oysters were phenomenal!