Sumo Kumo Oysters



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Sumo Kumo

Loved these! We are land locked and craving oysters so we decided to try Taylor Shelfish Farms for a social distance anniversary dinner.. I’m already a fan of traditional Kumo’s so trying a larger version was a real treat. The quality was exceptional. We ate them on the half shell with a little lemon and hon wasabi. I will absolutely order again and I’m excited to try all the other muscle and clam options.

Sumo Kumo Oysters

Ordered 2 times of this and can't get enough of the freshness and volume of the taste! Also are on the larger side which is a plus for me, compared to the kumamoto ones.

Great tasting and fresh

We ordered 2.5 dozen kumo sumo oysters which were delivered Friday. They were excellent with just the right level of brininess and were super fresh.


These are absolutely the best. Can't wait to have them again. If you are an oyster lover, these are a must-have.

Sumo Kumo

Arrived right on time. While we love them on the half shell, we’ve found we love them more grilled with garlic butter and/or fresh lemon. A real treat!

SUPER Sumo Kumo

As a long time fan of kumamoto oysters I always felt that more (bigger oyster) would be better. These deliver. Amazing flavor and now my new favorite oyster.

Awesome Good

This is the first time we've tried Sumo Kumo Oysters, and they are sooooo Good.
I would definitely buy them again.