Sumo Kumo Oysters (30 pcs)


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Incredibly fresh and tasty!

Wow! What a beautiful batch of Kumo Sumo oysters (as always from TS farms)! The smell of clean fresh ocean, creamy, mouth-melting. Each one delivered a big "Mmhh" when opening then and when eating them! Thank you Taylor shellfish farm for making this high end quality product directly available to the consumer, and not only for restaurants.

Kumo oysters

Outstanding! A little Meyer lemon juice ad Trader Joes seafood sauce make these fit for a king. They are also fabulous plain.

Sumo Kumo Oysters



Over 20 years in the restaurant business and this oysters nothing come close to it . Give your self a favor and order till we can get this .. the best and highly recommended

Sumo Kumamoto oysters

Arrived early morning on date expected in cold packing. Kept alive two days per instructions. Shucked & eaten needing only lemon juice: extremely fresh with clear delicious liquor. Am a big fan now.

Sumo Kumo

Received as a gift and wow. Being landlocked in the middle of the country means raw oysters are a rare treat, and fresh even more so. The Sumo Kumo flavor profile was spot on. I received 30 Sumo Kumo and 30 Petites. Next day shipping and an infrared thermometer measured their temperature at 40.5F upon arrival. Of the 60 in total, there was only one I had to cull. Outstanding freshness and flavor. I will definitely order in the future. Thank you for the early Christmas gift!

You can't go wrong!

Wonderful, full body oysters with a distinctive flavor (particular when compared with the oysters of the east coast). Some of the best I've had! Will certinally get more from Taylor!!

Super Sumo

Creamy, hint of briny flavor. I live on East Coast and only lost 2. Taylor’s packaging is simply magnificent.

Sumo Kumo

Very good! Texture and flavor were great. I will definitely order again.