Kumamoto Oysters



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Since moving to Virginia from California, we have been blasted with East Coast shellfish. While there are great specimens available, it was on a recent trip to NYC where we found Kumamotos at the raw bar. A few searches later and Taylor Shellfish was delivering these to our door step. There is nothing quite as refreshing as a Kumamoto especially one 24hrs removed from the Ocean. These were phenomenal.

Best Oysters Anywhere

Our family and friends love the Kumamoto Oysters. They arrive overnight and are so fresh and delicious. So lucky to be able to get these from Taylor Shellfish

Made for an awesome get together

Delivery - fast and perfect
Oysters were pretty clean on the outside which was nice. Only one oyster had a large amount of sand/muck inside. All of the others Tasted great!
Only thing that kept them from 5 * (and I almost did anyway) was the wooden box. Waste of $25 if you ask me. Thought I’d have a nice momento, but the 75 cent hinges and latch broke the first time the lid shut down. Didn’t ruin the experience but was disappointed. Will absolutely be utilizing Taylor Shellfish in the future. #bestcoast


Taylor’s quality of shellfish is always great, and that includes shipping them from coast to coast during a week of coast to coast snowstorms! A nod also goes out to UPS on that one. Kumamotos are a must for any oyster party. They’re tiny (but one of Taylor’s small oyster knives if you don’t have one), dainty, packed with flavor. A good oyster for both the connoisseur and beginner. While I use little or no sauce, a light mignonette pairs nicely, or better yet, dress them with a tiny bit of shallot, creme fraiche and caviar.

Kumamoto oysters

Best in the world!!


Have ordered these from Taylor's at Christmas for many years.
ALWAYS fresh and delicious. Our guests count on them yearly.

Kumamoto Oysters

I have been enjoying these oysters for at least 20 years, starting in Humboldt County, CA. The Kumamoto oysters from Taylor Shellfish are just terrific. Ordered 40 for Christmas and my wife and I ate them raw, the way, in my opinion, they should be consumed. If you want great oysters, Kumamotos from Taylor Shellfish are just what you should order.

Kumamoto Oysters

These were amazing good and fresh. Every single oyster was tasty. They were packed nicely and we will be back for more!

So delicious

Big hit at Thanksgiving. The handful i have left are still good a week later. No mud duds.