Totten Inlet Virginica Oysters



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Totten Inlet Virginica Oysters

great shipping and handling time and product was perfect

Virginica Oysters

Although my husband like Blue Points, I absolutely think these are better and we will be ordering them again. It's not easy to get good Oysters in Ohio!

Totten inlet virginicas

These are really tasty. I've ordered them three times and will continue to do so. Who knew getting oysters out here in the boonies would be so easy and so tasty.

My all time favorite Bi-Valve. Buttery w/o being soft. Heaven on the half-shell. Product arrived in great shape. Packaging is superb, each Oyster is nestled in its own indentation. All were consumed a fast as we could chuck them.


Everything from Taylor's arrived on time, well packed, fresh and delicious. We are long time customers and are never disappointed. The Virginicas are fat and briny, the essence of the sea


Loved these. They were briny at the start and tasted of the fresh sea, with a lovely, sweet finish.

Totten Inlet Yummies!

Texas is a long way from Washington, but if you want the best oysters available, you need to ship them in from Taylor. Fast, Fresh, Worth the money!

Virginicas from Taylor

Awesome! Thank you so much guys, we will be ordering these again!!

totten inlet virginica

tremendous! nothing better when living in central california than to taste oysters that are so sweet and briny that you feel as if you just stepped out of the pacific