Olympia Oysters (30 pcs)


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olympia oysters

These are excellent. We love them.

Olympia oysters

I usually order the Shigoku oysters but I guess it’s not in season so I ordered this one for Christmas. It tastes okay but it’s too small and hard to open. I don’t think I want to order this again..

Olympia oysters

These little guys are tremendous in flavor! Well worth the work to get them open! Thanks Taylor Shellfish Farms.

Tasty, very tasty!!

These little guys are indeed mighty good tasting! A little more difficult to get in to because of the size, but the meat is absolutely out odf this world good!

Olympia Oysters

These are so special. We order from Taylor's every year but the Olympias are not always available, when they are get them! DELICIOUS