Frozen Top Off Oysters



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Delicious and a perfect gift!

I sent a package of these to my father for his birthday and he said it was the best gift he’s ever received. He loves oysters and especially fro. Taylor farms. They arrived on time and we’re still nice and frozen when they arrived so by the time my father ate them they were still so fresh. Highly recommend!

frozen top off oysters

awesome...awesome So convenient and very tasty. Was a bit skeptical but Taylor's reputation made me take a chance, and I'm sooooo glad I did
Great product and I will order again

Top-off oysters

These oysters once once thawed were plums, juicy, and delicious both off the shell and in my homemade oyster stew.

Top off oysters

Great again the second time around. Half in freezer for later. You have to go with the 60 count box. Come in a great reusable styrofoam container.

Frozen Top Off Oysters

We put these on the grill. It was so easy and they were really tasty! No more shucking oysters make chargrilled oysters a regular part of our menu!

Great Treat!

These top-off oysters were terrific. It saves time when you have guests and want a fun snack!

Topless oysters

Awesome! Raw or cooked, there's nothing better to be had here on the Midwest Coast!

The frozen/top off oysters

These were absolutely awesome!! So easy, so convenient. If you can get your grill hot enough, you can go directly from the freezer onto the grill. I was amazed that they also contained the oyster juice. The process they use to select same size oysters, take the top off, and flash freeze to include the nectar is brilliant! They also will hold in your freezer for up to a year … so it’s extremely flexible for a crowd or just yourself! Taylor is also top-notch when it comes to customer service. My order wasn’t complete but they bent over backwards to make it right. This type of customer service, coupled with incredible oysters (and other seafood products) makes them the only company for me!

Frozen Top Off Oysters

These were absolutely awesome!! So easy, so convenient, let thaw overnight in the fridge and 8min on the grill... fantastic. Will be a regular customer.