Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


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Ekone Smoked Oysters

I just opened my first can of these oysters and.....OMG. They are fabulous! Best smoked oysters I ever had. Now I'm anxious as ever to open and try they other cans of smoked oysters (Habanera and lemon pepper) I bought all together. I will definitely be back for more.

Original Ekone Smoked Oysters

Excellent product. Great taste. Just my first order but I will be back for more.

The 'BEST'

The oysters, without question, were the best we have tasted in many, many years. We both love the NW for it's quality seafood and will remain customers of yours.

Ekone Smoked Oysters

Very good! Meaty, firm and for the most part, whole. Very good smoky oyster taste. A little too salty for my taste or definite 5 star!

Full awesome Taste!

When I had first bite I couldn't believe how good the taste was. Probably best taste I ever had all these years!

Very tasty but broken pieces

Of my six can order three of them seemed to not be whole oysters but random pieces. Two cans had a lump of the shell muscle and a bit of shell. The oysters are very good, supermarket oysters do not come close. Made in the USA! DELICIOUS.

Smoked oysters

I am completely addicted to these!
I gave up smoked oysters because of where they originated. So happy to Find these!

Original smoked oysters

Speedy arrival. Excellent quality. Will order again.

Original Ekone Smoked Oysters

Many years ago I stopped in to a Bodega bay restaurant that had a fish market. I bought smoked oysters and they were the best ever. I searched for the source and couldn't find it but found Taylor. They are just like those I loved many years ago! Bravo!