Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


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Very good flavor and they're very big!

Smoked oysters

Best I’ve had ! 5 for flavor, but a little pricey.

Great smoked oysters

Great product,love the taste,will be buying more

Smoked Oysters

These are wonderfully firm, clean tasting, and amazingly delicious! Will reorder often!!!


I was somewhat skeptical…I was wrong! These are so dang delicious, you’ll never want to eat them from anywhere else again! Not just mushy, salty blobs….other smoked oysters are drowning in oil and waaaay too soft! These are tender, but have natural texture and they are NOT over salted! They aren’t drowning in cheap, unhealthy oil either! But the flavor….it’s PERFECT! Ordering more right NOW!

Smoked oysters

Absolutely the best, large and meaty and properly smoked. Just a fabulous snack or added to casserole or gumbo

Smoked oysters

Very meaty so much in that little can

Smoked Original

Best I've ever had!!


Delicious! Large oysters. A bit too pricey at $10 a can. Grocery store oysters are $1.99 a can and are much smaller but have more variety of flavors to offer. I believe you can do better on the price.