Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


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24 units
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Product Reviews

Smoked Oysters

Great flavor but wish there was a little more oil. First can was a little dry. 5 more to go.

Smoked Oysters

Disappointed with this product,I thought for the cost and local proximity these would be outstanding but the texture is chewy and the flavor was unappealing. They also had a good amount of grit. Not satisfied.!

Original Smoked Oysters

Awesome! Great flavor, great texture, and not drowning in oil, as most other brands do.

Boy was I wrong

When my husband had me order these and the price of what we purchased I was like eye rolling. Well when we got the order I was again eye rolling at the size of the cans thinking to myself I bet you get just a few. Well let me say worth every penny we will be return customers for sure. These oysters were just what I wanted. Packed can, full of flavor.


I ordered enough varieties to get free shipping. Enjoying every single one of them. Habenero was the favorite, then the Originals, and then Lemon Pepper. Will be ordering all of them again, along with the Tuna and Mussels

Original Ekone Smoked Oysters

This is my 2nd order. I find the flavor nice clean and mildly Smokey. The 1st bite and you know that it’s a quality product.

Quality vs Cost

The quality of these smoked oysters is very high, however at 10.00 plus shipping for 3 oz., so is the cost. I love them, but at this cost, I just can't afford to get addicted.

Take a pass

Buying this product was a waste of $40. I found them to be dry. There was a piece of shell attached. With all the money you charge you couldn’t remove all of the shell? Dear readers, do not purchase. The oysters were large but oh so dry and chewy.

Smoked Oystahs

These Oystahs are Whicked Yummy. They melt right in your mouth