Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


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My oysters

Great taste. Just finished my last can of my second order. I hit something hard, turns out it was a natural pearl. Go figure. It's the size of a small pea, was in one of the bigger oysters in the can.

Smoked oysters

I actually went out after purchase and bought a tin of bumble bee smoked oysters. Blick!!! Taylor’s are the real deal. With shipping costs they are only a treat now and then though

Smoked Oysters

The smoked oysters are excellent. They taste like my grandpa’s.

Smoked oysters

They were quite tasty, tho pricey.


Great flavor. A little tough and chewy. I think adding them to a New England style chowder will do the trick!!!

smoked and habanero

The product was great but once you add in the shipping and cost they are a bit over priced. having said that maybe the company will offer some incentive for repeat customers.

Oyster sampler

Unbelievable! We love them. Takng what's left to family gathering. They are just wonderful.

review by Unknown on Aug 30th 2021

Great oysters

These are great but over priced.

smoked oysters

I managed inspection and regulation of the shellfish industry, in Florida for a few years, so I have a little bit of qualification here. The quality is quite good but they are a bit over priced. I'll check with my peers and see if there is something a little more reasonable.