Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


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2 units
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24 units

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Amazing Oysters

Flavorful, delightful, delicate flavor. Just absolutely delicious. Just on a cracker and it's a perfect light meal. I am very glad to have found you! Highly recommended.

10 stars

These oysters and mussels are a real treat. Best I’ve ever had! I will buy these over and over again. Thank you for such a clean tasty product

Indulgence in a tin

The smoked oysters are an epicure's delight. I ordered a dozen packages for stocking stuffers. Not disappointed but delighted in the oyster plumpness.

Ekone Smoked Oysters

Just awesome. The best I've ever tasted. Will buy more.

Totally Addicted

Had smoked oysters from the supermarket in small tins and always enjoyed them. Ordered these when they popped up in my FB feed on a whim and was interested in how much better they might be given the price. Well, I'm amazed! These are the best smoke oysters I've ever had and will gladly pay the price going forward. Thank you for opening my eyes to what is clearly a superior product!

Smoked oysters

Excellent quality, great tasting oysters!!! I will buy again!!!!

original ekone smoked oysters

my favorite of the canned products!

Ekone products

You can get canned oysters & mussels in America for (usually) $3.99/tin SO(!)... as a long-time fan of all those kinds of products, when I saw $10/can for similar quantities, I took that as a dare - meaning I ordered one of each. And I have to say: these are, not just “easily,” but By Far & Away(!) the very best of those I’ve ever found! WELL worth the test investment! And I mean, even over the (heinously overpriced) Spanish & Portuguese imports! “Pricey” or not, Ekone goes on my budget as an Essential Item that MUST be kept in-stock at all times!

original oyster review

They were OK, taste-wise, but too much salt...did not need the extra salt listed in ingredients; and a bit dry....Flavor was fine otherwise