Totten Inlet Mussels (5lbs)


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Stole the show

Ordered the oyster sampler and added on 5 lbs of mussels to get over $150 to get free shipping. These things completely stole the show from the oysters. I made them 3 different ways and they were all fantastic. Even my parents who really don't like seafood said they were great.

Totten Inlet Mussels

These mussels are delicious. I have ordered before and could not use 5 lbs. but froze some. They were incredible fresh AND frozen. Will definitely be ordering again.


Absolutely Great!!! Plump tasty and fresh as any you could ask for.


This is the first time I had mussels and they were fantastic. They were very buttery in texture and mild I will buy again. My only issue was I had to through out 14 of them. They were cracked .

Totten Inlet Mussels

Fresh. Excellent flavor and texture. Those that weren't broken were very good—but at least 10% had to be tossed because they arrived cracked and/or crushed. Loved the intact ones; very sad about the damaged ones.

Best I've Ever Had, By Far!

This is my second time purchasing and preparing these mussels. They end up so plump and tender, with such a fresh and sweet flavor! These are better than I've gotten in any restaurant, and I can't get enough of the juice they were steamed in!


Our shipment was a day late. The mussels were still cold and in good shape. My husband and I ate half the bag and we'll eat the other half tomorrow. I will order again.

Totten Inlet Mussels

The mussels were fantastic and arrived in perfect condition with the ice packs still cold. My family was so happy to have fresh shellfish for once in Ohio. Some of the best mussels I have ever steamed.

Totten inlet mussels

I am very pleased with quality and taste. I will order again. Thanks