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Totten Inlet Mussels



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Totten Mussels

Those Mussels are as good as it gets, big meat, big mussel flavor and super fresh. Definitely will order those again.


Never leave reviews but the mussels were great.

Totten Inlets are THE best mussels!

I live on Whidbey, close to Penn Cove, but have found the Totten Inlet Mussels to be larger and tastier than our local mussels. Every time I cook these, they turn out perfectly, and I have not had one mussel that didn't open. Superb!

Mussels with Mussel

I’m an oyster affcianado. I regularly order oysters from Taylor’s, and the quality of oysters are unsurpassed, including shipping them across the country to me on the East Coast. I’ve now ordered the Totten Inlet mussels twice. The first time I thought they were exceptional. Having just finished my second order, I’m compelled to write a review. These mussels are truly outstanding - large, meaty, the fundamentally sound taste of a mussel. Buy them. I’ve steamed and chilled them to go along with a Taylor’s oyster assortment, served them hot, and made a chowder out of mostly just the cooking broth with a little milk and the shelled mussels. Consider these mussels a must.


Really surprised about how well everything worked out. Ordering was easy. Delivery was on time. The mussels showed up in perfect condition. Out of five pounds had to toss one because of a cracked shell. Followed the recipe from the site. They were great. Everyone loved them. I will order again.

Delicious- but broken shells.

These are outstanding mussels. I have never cooked fresh mussels before, but it was so simple and the flavor is amazing. Everyone was raving, including a very picky 5 year old who devoured them!

My only complaint is that, after ordering these twice, they arrived with many crushed shells. I’m sure this happened during shipping, but it was still frustrating to have to throw them out on two seperate occasions.

The Best Mussels Ever!

I first learned about Taylor Bay mussels from a restaurant we frequently ate at in the San Fernando Valley, Brandywine. Then we moved to Carlsbad, and didn’t have access to Brandywine. I decided to order some and cook them at home. I’m so glad I did, although I ordered way more than was necessary! I cleaned and de-bearded them on Friday and cooked them on Saturday, for us and guests. Some died from my aggressive de-bearding, so, next time, I will wait and clean them just before cooking them. Regardless, they were so plump and buttery, and practically no sand inside the shells! I will definitely buy them again! Also, the leftovers are great eaten cold the next day, or added to pasta and a favorite sauce.