Ekone Smoked Mussels


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Great taste, can could be bigger, and I wouldn't have to open up 2

totally awesome

Smoke Mussels

OMG! These are so *expletive deleted* good. Oh yeah! These are really good. Did I mention they are really good. These are beyond good. They are great. So tasty.

Smoked mussels

Large, firm, and GREAT tasting! No need to say more......

Smoked mussels

Great taste,really good will purchase more

Smoked Mussels

These mussels were excellent! Liked them better than the smoked oysters, so far. Will order more when I can!

Ekone Smoked Mussels

This was the second time I've ordered these. They are awesome!


Large solid mussels. Great flavor and consistency. Not drowned in oil. Love them.

Ekone Smoked Mussels

Good flavor and very moist. I was impressed!


I enjoyed these as much as the smoked oysters, which surprised me. I've ordered both twice now. Pricey but excellent.