Ekone Smoked Mussels


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Large solid mussels. Great flavor and consistency. Not drowned in oil. Love them.

Ekone Smoked Mussels

Good flavor and very moist. I was impressed!


I enjoyed these as much as the smoked oysters, which surprised me. I've ordered both twice now. Pricey but excellent.

Really great

I USED to smoke my own shellfish. Taylor does a way better job of it. These are delicious.


I’m a very satisfied repeat customer. Top quality product

A Bag of Doritos

The quality and freshness is awesome. You can tell a lot of work goes into every can. But, it’s like a bag of Doritos.... when you open up the bag and half of the bag is filled with air, you get disappointed. You guys have a great product, just not enough inside for $10/can


It's been years since I have eaten muscles, and those I've had in the pasted were cooked in wine, garlic and butter. These are the first smoked muscles I've ever eaten, and they are just as delightful as the smoked oysters!

Eking smoked oysters.

Moved to Maui 10 yrs ago from Puget Sound area, wife of 64 yrs was tired of rain. Nice and warm here but we do miss living near the sound where we enjoyed fishing, crabbing, digging clams and gathering oysters. We usually ate some type of fish 3-4 times a week. Usually can not find good fresh oysters here. If we do, they are sold as smalls and they are giant size. Remembered your farm on Hoods canal and ordered the smoked oysters. WOW. They came promptly, packed very nice and of course were delicious. We will be ordering more soon. Pat Gailey Sr.

Ekone Mussels

From Sea to Can Opened up eaten how ever you plan So delicious was that you can’t eat just one can When making an order Of Ekone Stick with a plan in getting more than just one can the tastiest mussels ever purchased From Sea to Can