Taylor Live Pacific Griller Kit (30 pcs)


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Grilled Oysters

The oysters were the freshest I've had in a long time. You could smell the sea.

Taylor live pacific griller kit

Great way to enjoy the Puget Sound's offerings. The live oysters were the best I have had since I was a kid picking oysters at Belfair State Park. I had them BBQ'd andpan fried. I forgot how good oysters can be.

Arrived fresh and very well packed. Grilled half and had half on the half shell. Terrific!!!!

Will order again.


Me and my wife and our family and friends try our best to get the best like the oysters from the Pacific Northwest. The oysters from Washington State are one of the best, raw or BBQ’d but when the shipping is free, it’s makes it even better. Try them, they are expensive but well worth it once in while.

Taylor Pacific Kit

Great Oysters good service!!