Original Ekone Smoked Oysters


Minimum Purchase:
2 units
Maximum Purchase:
24 units

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Product Reviews

Smoked oysters

The cans are small but a perfect size for a snack. Will double my next order. I’m trying hard to space out the cans to make my order last at least a week

Smoked oysters

Large meaty oysters. This was my second order. Quite an indulgence at this price but there is no comparison with the grocery store brands. I had quit buying the Asian ones due to concerns about contamination. So glad to have this option.

smaoke oysters

smoke oysters are great...cans are too small! thanks

Finally! Smoked oysters I’ll buy.

I haven’t bought smoked oysters in years because they are all made overseas and the quality is poor. I ordered the Taylor Shellfish Farms oysters immediately after I saw their ad. The oysters are large and smoked perfectly. They aren’t oily at all and don’t fall apart when you try and pick them up with a small fork. They are delicious on crackers or by themselves. I’m hooked.

Smoked oysters by

Would give a 5 star, but was a touch to salty for me. Otherwise nice large oysters. Will try them on some melon soon.

Original Smoked Oysters

A culinary indulgence! Large, meaty smoked oysters...not mushy, perfectly seasoned. Best tasted to date!

Smoked Oysters

Excellent! Wish I could have them every night at cocktail hour and I would, if they were a little less pricey. I will order more and every night that I open a can will be special. Today is Saturday. That’s special enough!

Smoked oysters

A little pricey for the quantity, but the quality was definitely there. Very good.. Will order again.

Original Ekone Smoked Oyster

The price is a little bit high. This smoked oyster is a bit salty for me but by far, this is the most tasty smoked oyster that I ever have.