Lemon Pepper Ekone Smoked Oysters


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Lemon pepper oysters

Delivered fast. Very strong fishy flavor, not fan

Too salty

I bought 6 cans of these based on reviews on the fb advertisement… I love smoked oysters. I’m sorry to leave a negative review but they’re just too salty for my taste… I’m giving them as gifts to family maybe it’s just me?

Smoked Lemon Oysters

I’m not sure if there is food in heaven, but I know this, if there is, these smoked lemon oysters will be in stock. They are incredible!

Great taste, can could be bigger, and I wouldn't have to open up 2

totally awesome

These are addicting.

I have tried the sampler and the lemon pepper ones are my favorite. Am embarrassed to say I have a few for breakfast every day. Have to ration them cause I could easily eat an entire can without self restriction. So glad I found out about this product.

Lemmon Pepper Smoked Oysters

OMG. These are really good. They taste great. I love them.

Lemon pepper oyster

Oh my goodness, perfect balance of lemon and pepper!! Can't stop ordering them!!


These are my favorite so far. I also like the plain and haven’t tried the Haberno yet. So far, the lemon/pepper are my favorite. In fact, I like them all!

Smoked Lemon Oysters

WOW! I don't know what I liked best the Smoked Lemon or Smoked Habanero oysters. Guess I'll just have to keep buying both!