Lemon Pepper Ekone Smoked Oysters


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Great taste, can could be bigger, and I wouldn't have to open up 2

totally awesome

These are addicting.

I have tried the sampler and the lemon pepper ones are my favorite. Am embarrassed to say I have a few for breakfast every day. Have to ration them cause I could easily eat an entire can without self restriction. So glad I found out about this product.

Lemmon Pepper Smoked Oysters

OMG. These are really good. They taste great. I love them.

Lemon pepper oyster

Oh my goodness, perfect balance of lemon and pepper!! Can't stop ordering them!!


These are my favorite so far. I also like the plain and haven’t tried the Haberno yet. So far, the lemon/pepper are my favorite. In fact, I like them all!

Smoked Lemon Oysters

WOW! I don't know what I liked best the Smoked Lemon or Smoked Habanero oysters. Guess I'll just have to keep buying both!

Lemon peppered oysters

Best I've had. I will be buying these again.

Did not expect this

These are the best canned oysters I have ever had. I only ordered one can of the lemon pepper smoked oysters, and that was a mistake. I was expecting there to be an overwhelming citrus flavor, or perhaps too much pepper, but the flavor was perfectly balanced.

Smoked Lemon Pepper Oysters

These are DA BOMB! I have always loved smoked oysters, but gave up eating the ones at the supermarket -- tins of greasy, mushed whatevers. Finally, real oysters, tasty and not floating in oil!