Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters


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These are so awesome. The habenero is not too overpowering! I RECOMMEND THESE TO ANYONE WHO LOVES OYSTERS! Very little oil. This is my second order. I will be a customer from now on!!

Habanero ekone smoked oysters

my husband's favorite of the canned products

Habanero Ekone Smoked Oysters

Great Zipp of the peppers and perfect oysters!!

Habanero oysters

Excellent! I expected them to be spicy, but they are just right, a hint of heat, but not too much.

The best so far

I've tried smoked oysters about 8 years ago and just wasn't a fan but my tastes change over time so I decided to do some research before I bought my next tin. I was shocked that all of the other brands are from China or Korea but someone mentioned Ekone as they are from the NW United States. A little more expensive but I took the bait. I will never look back! That was two years ago. I bought the Habanero Hots and they were fantastic! Not smothered with oil either. I've been a fan ever since. Keep up the great work and quality!

Habanero oysters

I felt the heat was overbearing. I love habanero but the added hot sauce took away from the oyster flavor. Also the oysters were chopped up rather than whole.i would prefer the integrity of the oyster to remain whole. Great company and great products. I ordered original recently.

Smoked Habanero Oysters

These habanero oysters are wonderful! This is my second order, having the original smoked ones the first time. Great to have as an occasional treat and enjoy. Yes, they are kinda expensive, but definitely worth the price!

Perfect spice

Absolutely delicious. Flavors were very well balanced with mild heat. The habanero is really good!

Smoked Habanaro Oyster

Wow! Incredibly fast delivery and they are delicious. Just the right amount of heat. Worth every penny, so much better than what you find in a supermarket.