Manila Clams (5lbs)



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Manilla Clams

Arrived in perfect condition to be part part of a wedding anniversary champagne/caviar/shellfish feast and as always, Taylor's product was fresh and briny - one clam failed to open under steaming. We've been Taylor customers for over 20 years and they've never let us down.

Manilla clams

fresh and tasty....I never saw an unopened clam

Manila Clams

Arrived in excellent shape. Were fresh and delicious steamed. Great buy!

Manila Clams

These clams are always awesome. We've done them simply steamed and butter dipped, steamed with a simple white wine/butter/lemon/tarragon and steamed then served with a miso butter broth and soba noodles. We've never been disappointed, the clams are always flavorful and never had many bad clams.

Manilla Clams

Sweet & delicious. Delivered in good condition.


These littlenecks were fantastic. And I'm from coastal New England so trust me. Small, plump, and super lively even the second day after receiving them. Will definitely reorder. Thanks!

Excellent clams

I'm very pleased with my recent clam order. These Manilas are very fresh, clean, nice & small, extra flavorful, plus 100% opened - can't beat them for a special PNW treat, especially with Taylor's very generous free shipping. Thanks!

Sweet and Succulent!

These clams were wonderful and perfect for a pre birthday dinner for our daughter who loves clam linguine. About six didn’t open of our 5 lb bag but they were very easy to clean and better than those we’ve picked up at a comparable price from our local supermarket pre COVID.

Manilla Clams

Loved them, what a treat and well worth the price and shipping to OHIO- of all places! They were plump and tasty with every recipe I tried. WILL order again!