Manila Clams (5lbs)


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Delicious, yet the smallest Manila’s I’ve ever seen

Spot-on with flavor, per usual from Taylor; however, they were the smallest Manila’s I’ve ever seen, and we order these a couple of times a month. Not sure what happened with this shipment. Will keep ordering though!

Manila Clams

They were spot on!! Delicious!! and were great in my linguine.

Manila Clams

As an old chef who cut teeth in New England and handled more that my share of shellfish and mollusks, I can say that I did enjoy these clams. They are not just brightly colored and patterned Little Necks, but are sweet. However, just like escargots, any flavor (I used only a bit of fresh garlic, bay leaf and white wine) they absorb these strong flavors and leave little of themselves behind. Still, a nice new addition from the sea to not-as-jaded-lips as I was expecting.

Excellent choice

Ordered these now a couple of times simply the best

Manila clams

Fairly good steamed and dipped in butter. Not worth the effort to try to eat raw........I wish I had know their actual size. They were about 1/3 of the size I thought they would be There's a place and a use for them, Wish I was better informed about them.

Manilla Clams

Arrived in perfect condition to be part part of a wedding anniversary champagne/caviar/shellfish feast and as always, Taylor's product was fresh and briny - one clam failed to open under steaming. We've been Taylor customers for over 20 years and they've never let us down.

Manilla clams

fresh and tasty....I never saw an unopened clam

Manila Clams

Arrived in excellent shape. Were fresh and delicious steamed. Great buy!

Manila Clams

These clams are always awesome. We've done them simply steamed and butter dipped, steamed with a simple white wine/butter/lemon/tarragon and steamed then served with a miso butter broth and soba noodles. We've never been disappointed, the clams are always flavorful and never had many bad clams.