Manila Clams



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Worth the Money!

These clams were so fresh and very much worth the money.

We love them

I've ordered these for many years now and they just keep getting better. If we can't eat them all up in one sitting, they are still good the next day or since they are small, they make a great chowder. No chopping.


Lived I Seattle area all my life best clams I have ever had! Wow! Amazing!


so tasty so fresh great raw can't stop eating steamed ;0

Manila Clams

They were excellent. They arrived at my house cold and were very fresh. Only one was broken out of a 3 lb bag. Enjoyed them very much!!! Will order again.

Manila Clams

These Clams are the best tasting clams I have ever had. The price of $23 dollars for 3 pounds is great and hard to beat, and next day shipping is awesome as well. I enjoyed this service a lot during Lent. I would recommend this product to anyone who is craving good quality clams and besides you are supporting a local business.