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Geoduck aka mirugai

We were very pleased with the mirugai that arrived. It was extremely well packaged and the geoduck was cold and alive. We enjoyed a fantastic sashimi meal and will order it again.


excellent quality. Will buy again. Wish shipping charge is less

My New Favorite Shellfish

Extremely easy to prepare, and you get a lot of meat! Tastes strongly of beach sand and ocean air, but is extremely sweet. Shaft was perfect with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon, the breast was my favorite though, sauteed quickly in some browned butter and wine, and finished with a squeeze of lemon.


Ordered 2 geoducks plus 5 lbs of clams. They arrive in beautiful shape on the morning of the day that I wanted them. Prepared for 4 adults. Some as sashimi with a soy/rice vinegar/lemon dip and some fried with the same dip. Oops......there went 2 geoducks!


Excellent taste, but both clams were small, siphons, skinny and limp, far cry from the picture you show. Not like what I'm used to. Used them for ceviche, and they were excellent, just smaller than expected.


The shell was badly damaged from shipping. None the less the geoduck was still alive. This thing tastes amazing. Will buy again.


Very, very happy with entire experience- ordering, shipping and eating as sashimi, sauteed, chowder, etc. Received the geoduck the day I asked for and it was still cold and alive even in the 10+ Texas heat. Very tasty and a wonderful show when the geoduck was 'processed' in front of the 'birthday boy' and guests. Will do again!!


Arrived early and still alive. Was fantastic both raw and fried. Will order again


My first time ever to enjoy this and let me say the service and quality could not have been better. Thank you so much and it was great. I will definitely order again.