Trio Oyster Sampler (45 pcs)


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Trio Sampler

Box arrived on time.Did not have one bad oyster.Made oysters Rockafeller and Kirkpatrick, They were amazing,very fresh and plump.Will be ordering again soon.

Holiday oyster sampler

Great oysters, easy to shuck, which was very nice. Nice variety. Would like the option for a shucking towel/cloth to help prevent stabbing yourself other than the knife. I would like to select as to what I would need the most. Thank you!

Our third order...and we're concerned honestly.

Our first order was in May and we were thrilled with the oysters. Our second was in November and we were a little less happy with the flavor of the oysters we ordered. This week, we were a bit disappointed. The Kumamotos were good but not as good as in the past and the Pacific Petites were new to us and we really liked them - very fresh and bursting with flavor. However, the Olympia were not very good at all. One was empty and another was bad. In general, they did not taste very good frankly. We're happy to have found a new favorite in the Pacific Petites but really wanted you to know that the Olympias were problematic. Hope this is helpful.

Holiday Sampler

These oysters were amazing! Of the 45 received, only one was discarded. I live in Phoenix and was a little nervous about shipping but the oysters arrived cold packed and fresh. Absolutely delicious!

Good but not great this time

I'm a bit disappointed with our order this year. The quality of oysters in the sample was not the best. We had 5 muddy oysters and 1 completely empty one. Which if quickly inspected while placing in box should have been noticed. The good oysters however were fantastic as usual.


Arrived on time and in great condition. Had the oysters all through the holidays. They were Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Oyster Sampler - wonderful!

We live in the midwest and don't have access to good quality oysters... ever. But we love them! We were so very impressed by Taylor Shellfish's delivery and the quality of the oysters we received. There wasn't a "bad oyster" in the entire pack - everything arrived fresh and chilled via FedEx (even with all the craziness of shipping this year) and the flavor was just superb!! The company stayed in touch all through the shipping process and made sure we knew what to expect. If you're thinking about ordering but are worried about shipment to where you live, you really shouldn't be. You can't go wrong with Taylor!

Holiday Sampler was amazing

This was such an amazing experience! I ordered the sampler for my wife’s birthday dinner. It arrived the next day and was so well packed and on ice. Such amazing quality and so fresh. The kit came with a shuck knife and we learned how to shuck by watching the video on the website. Everything was perfectly delicious. I am so glad I went and preserved this. My wife and kids loved everything. Thanks


We are thrilled to be able to buy from a local company (we see their boats pass our house daily). Oysters were fresh and delicious, delivered to our family in SLC. Shipping took less than 24 hours and Taylor preemptively shipped early to help mitigate the shipping delays of Christmas 2020. What a first rate company! Thank you!