Totten Inlet Mussels



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The Best & Fresh

My order arrived as promised, as always and they were delicious. I highly recommend others to purchase, let's support our Favorite businesses. Everyone needs a helping hand during these times so if you can please order this and their other goodies!

Totten Inlet Mussels

my Oh my...sooooo very good...bought 5# and only had 1 cracked shell
made them in a yellow curry lemongrass broth with coconut milk...pass out good
Taylor shellfish is awesome...I live in Eastern Washington so they are my lifeline to seafood...Love them...on time shipping...perfectly packed

Simply excellent

These mussels were fresh, delicious, and exactly what the doctor ordered. Cooked them in some wine with garlic, butter, shallots, red pepper flake, and lemon zest. Will continue to buy more!

Fresh Mussels

These might be the best mussels I've ever had. I am living inland now, and I will definitely be ordering these again. Fantastic flavor.

Mussels review

These mussels were delicious. We did lose several that appeared to have cracked during shipping. I’m also new(er) to cooking shellfish at home and didn’t realize they would arrive with beards and need to be cleaned first. Took some extra time but might be worth including Taylor-approved instructions.

Fresh mussels

Recently ordered these mussels...craving fresh seafood in the midst of this pandemic.
Wonderful shellfish, arrived fresh as all get out on the requested day. I steamed them with garlic, saffron, tomatoes, white wine and a bit of homemade stock for a sort-of-cioppino. Absolutely fabulous! Plump, clean and incredibly tasty mussels. Such a treat!

Totten Mussels

This 3 lb bag far surpassed our expectations about getting fresh shellfish in the mail. Two of us ate the whole bag, with small salads and we fought over the last one. There was no fishy smell and these mussels were as fresh as if we harvested them ourselves. Without hesitation, we will be ordering more from Taylor, we want to make sure and support this great local establishment, during these tough times. The frozen tapas were also incredible and still frozen solid, on dry ice. All items were expertly packed and I will be using the shipping box to send tuna to my dad in Florida. Thank you Taylor Shellfish!!

Totten Inlet Mussels

Terrific! The 3 lb. bag is plenty for 4 ( or two dinners for 2). We made moule frites and the mussels came out perfectly— we didn’t have to discard a single one. We had the second dinner four days after the first and these mussels tasted just as fresh and succulent as the first batch we ate. We’ll reorder again soon!

Totten Inlet Mussels

OMG!!! To die for... will be ordering again... the taste is unlike any mussels I've had in the past; and we are mussel lovers in our house. So fresh, you could taste the sea. They were delivered to our door within 2 days of ordering them. No complaints whatsoever.