Oyster Spring Rolls



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Oyster Spring Rolls

Seriously, do yourself a favor and order a few boxes. Fry in canola oil and try sweet soy sauce...INCREDIBLE, oysters in every one. We are so impressed with fresh food showing up in the mail and we love supporting Taylor, during these strange and unsure times. Try the fritters too, we will be ordering more of all these products. Thank you Taylor!!

Spring Rolls will repeat

We would have enjoyed these more if I hadn't over cooked them. Light flavor and what wasn't burned was wonderful. I'll have to order again and do them right.

Oyster Spring Rolls

Just used the air fryer per the site’s directions. Crisped up nicely, and a big hit of oyster flavor, along with traditional spring roll. For a frozen pre-made item, this is excellent, and a good way to get a quick hit for your oyster needs in just 10 minutes.