Oyster Fritters



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Oyster Fritters

Small but delish! My order was a day late, no fault of yours, but the product was still cold and tasted wonderful when lightly fried and served with homemade tartar sauce. I grew up eating fritters served on a bun at the Chincoteague Pony Penning Carnival. These took me back to my childhood. Thanks


This was our lucky day, the day we decided to order fresh shellfish and tapas from Taylor. And the oyster fritters were our wildcard. Never having oyster fritters, we took the leap and we can both say, without a doubt, we will fight over the last one, every time! We fried in canola oil and made a delicious tartar with a bit of horseradish. Out of sight, it seems like there is an oyster in every one of these fritters. Now, that my mouth is watering, I am going to eat these for lunch today. Thank you Taylor, for getting these to us, still frozen solid, very well packed. Enjoy.