Fanny Bay SunSeeker Oysters

$50.00 - $99.00

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Product Reviews

Really good

These were lovely. Large and deep cup and tons of flavor. I think i liked them even better than the kumamotos. More meat.

Great Oysters and superb packaging

These arrived in perfect condition and are great oysters. Nice deep shells, easy to shuck and great taste. Had the m along with some Fat Bastards. Quite similar but less briny then the FBs.

Missed these babies!

We first had sun seeker oysters earlier this year at Taylor restaurant in Bellevue and my husband and I just feel in love with the taste. They are just the right amount of salty, musky, sweet, creamy and delicious.
When I got an email telling me they are available to order I jumped on it. Delivery was great, packed professionaly, not a single spoiled oyster in the bunch! We got 60 oysters on Friday and finished them in two days. Also, the shape of the cup makes these pretty easy to shuck. Overall, this is not the first order for us and definitely not the last! Thank you, Taylor shellfish farms!

Outstanding & Super Fresh

I gave 4 out of 5 because Shigoku are my favorite ... I order from Taylor all the time and my oysters are fresh and delicious. No BS...