Ekone Oyster Sampler



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Original Smoked Oysters

Very fresh and not at all oily!

Oyster Sampler

Excellent, Great variety. Now try to smoke me some geoduck. I better you can’t do it.


I gotvthe sampler and I've got to say these are by far the best, freshest canned oysters I've EVER had. I am planning to purchase some more soon. Thanks guys you have a new Regular customer

Delicious big oysters

I love smoked shellfish and have had awesome, large, meaty and moist smoked oysters in Washington State on vacation before. However, I live in the Midwest and most brands of smoked tinned oysters here are small and imported. Starved for new experiences during the COVID quarentine I ordered the oyster sampler and we have loved the oysters - large, meaty, not too salty or too smoky or too dry. Really nice balance of flavor and texture. I will definitely order again.


I love oysters and these do not disappoint!

Fabulous and fast delivery

Totally delicious! Never had tinned oysters before and was honestly a little skeptical, but man these are really cooL!

Easy, Delicious Treat!

Sent to my seafood-loving dad during quarantine, and it really lifted his spirits! He loves seafood and (as i’m sure many can relate) is getting a little tired of his own cooking - ha! This was a quick, easy, delicious treat! He ate with baguette and crackers and enjoyed sampling the flavors all week!

Ekone Smoked Oyster Sampler

The very best tinned oysters I have ever tried. Very large and meaty oysters are really tasty. Will be ordering regularly.

Smoked Oysters

Love the oysters, beyond what I expected, will buy again for special gifts or occasions, A plus