The Ekone Sampler


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ekone sampler

so far we have tried the original & lemon pepper oysters. they were very good. next up is mussels & habenero oysters.....looking forward to these 2.

sampler sent as gifts

my friends sure seem to like the sampler, i'm a big fan of the smoked too. trying to figure out how I'm going to make a white pizza with smoked oysters, and not eat the whole thing in one setting.

Best Smoked Oysters We’ve Ever Had

My wife and I agree that the smoked oysters are the best we’ve ever tasted. You’ve gained a very satisfied customer for life.

Smoked oysters

Wow! I got the assorted smoked oysters! Phenomenal taste, quality and texture. I ate the original smoked and had to hold back on eating the whole assortment.

Ekone sampler

I've tried one of the originals and the habanero and really liked them both. Never had them in the can before, will be getting some more, very tasty.


Just received my order of 6 can variety. Open up a smoked original. Sadly they were gone within 10 minutes. 10/10 best smoked oysters I've ever had and I've been around for 60 years.


By far, the best tasting smoked oysters I have ever eaten, and being from South Jersey, that is saying something, with South Jersey being the former oyster capitol of the world. The "Hots" were absolutely perfect, with a perfect balance of salt, smoke, and tangy spiciness. I like the fact that ALL of the product was packed in just enough juice to keep things moist, and that the oysters and mussels weren't dripping with oil. I went thru the first sampler of 5 cans in 36 hours. Man, these are great!! I'll be ordering more soon!! Don't go out of business, will ya? I don't want to have to buy anything canned from China again!

Canned smoked oysters

Having visited Long Beach, Wa many times, I became addicted to Wilapa Bay oysters served many different way. So pleased with these canned smoked oysters. Looking forward to trying the variety pack I ordered. Only thing missing is the sound of the surf!!!

Delicious smoked oysters

These are hands down the best smoked oysters we have ever had! Plump and delicious! Definitely worth the price. I’m hooked. Wish we lived closer to order fresh ones.