The Ekone Smoked Sampler


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The mussels were the best. The oysters very very good.

Oyster mussels combo

I think the oysters are awesome but the mussels were essentially disintegrated when I opened them. I will absolutely get the oysters again, but not the mussels.

Ekone samplers

I wish they were cheaper but you get what you pay for. Love all the samplers. Excellent product, will order again.

review by Unknown on Jul 16th 2021

Ekone Sampler

First order of many to come. Sooo good:-)

Ekone Sampler

Fantastic! These are delicious. So glad I gave these a try. Truly top notch.

Ekone Sampler

Eaten one can each of the smoked oysters and mussels. Absolutely delicious to this beef country customer.


Extraordinary shelf product and the price reflects a good scotch or cigar, they are for special occasions!

Lemon Pepper smoked oysters

I could eat a few cans by myself, but luckily I have friends that enjoy them just as much. The sampler pack was just what I was looking for and now I’m hooked. I’ll be buying much more in the future

Smoked Habenaro Oysters

Really good flavor, nice amount of heat. The can didn't have a pop top opener, had to use a can opener. It seemed like the oysters were a little dry, I added a little EVO to add moisture. I see in the pictures all cans have pop top opener on can.