The Ekone Smoked Sampler


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Sampler pack

I purchased as gifts, They all loved them.. They said it was the best gift Ever.. The taste was sooo good! I will order these again.. Thank you for making these the best gift Ever!!!!

Oyster sampler

Fabulous! Husband loved the Habanero. Very, very good indeed.

Rankings from Great to Worst

- Original Oysters were THE best - Lemon Pepper were the second best - Smoked Mussels were not so good - Habanero Oysters were the worst. Way too hot for my taste. I soaked them in water 3 times. Then sautéed them in a spoon of butter. They were actually pretty good that way, with a mild bite to them. Next time I am only buying the “Originals”. They were AMAZING.


Pretty good! Best canned oysters I’ve ever had so far! I live in Wellfleet, MA. And we have one of the best oysters in the world! I will order again.

Smoked sampler

Excellent product, but a little to pricey


This place is awesome! Lightning fast shipping and the products are fancy! It took me less than a week to finish off my sampler. So good! The oysters, the mussels! I just ordered 11 more cans!

The Ekone Smoked Sampler

They're good. But not $10 per can good. I'll probably have to stick with the off the grocery store shelf brand.

Ekone Sampler

Awesome! I love your smoke Shellfish variety sampler, your jalapeno oysters has the right amount of heat. Keep up the good work.

Oysters and Mussels

I did the regular smoked oyster first and one tin of the mussels next, I was somewhat disappointed in the regular oyster as i felt there were too many shell fragments in with the oysters, but the flavor was very good and the size varied ,of course from really big to small and there was just enough oil on them that didn't leave any of them dripping in oil, as far as the mussels, i thought the flavor was very good and the size was just right to put on the crackers and almost all where the same size. these were a little oilier than the oysters but the flavor was really good. Just so you know, this is my first-time doing mussels.