Specialty Oyster Sampler



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Excellent mistake

I made a mistake and thought I was ordering the small sampler. Imagine my surprise when a large box of oysters appeared, but all is well. My son loves them as does my husband. If we can't get them all eaten raw, I have a couple of recipes we really like to finish them off. Love the clean crisp 'ocean' taste.

Oyster Sampler

This is the second time I ordered this product, and I was so happy with these oysters. My guests loved shucking them and eating them!

Oyster sampler

It was a birthday present for my son. He loved it

Oyster sampler

As with my previous order, this was delivered on time as promised. The oysters were fresh, delicious and gone in 60 seconds! Everyone wanted to know where they came from and if there was more. I'll definitely be ordering again. I ordered mine over the phone and the rep was very polite and easy to talk to. She was both knowledgeable and informative. Thank you

Oyster sampler

On Tuesday night i had Shigoku oysters for the first time in a Chicago raw bar--Shaw's. They were delicious. That Saturday, my wife and I were attending a party where guests bring various appetizers and drinks while the host provides the main course. Having ordered from Taylor before I decided to investigate bringing West coast oysters to our Connecticut dinner party. Browsing Taylor's site I quickly found the Shigokus but also saw the sampler. I decided to get the sampler and conduct a tasting with our friends. Once I placed the order, i was surprised to almost immediately get a call confirming the order and desired shipping. Great follow-up. Oysters arrived the next day, well packed and with instructions on how to best store them prior to consumption. Whipped up a few interesting mignonette sauces and off to the dinner party. The oysters were a huge hit. Some subtle differences between each, some more pronounced differences. Everyone had their own favorite and for different reasons. Folks who are not huge oyster fans couldn't resist joining in and were pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend Taylor, highly recommend the Sampler.

Specialty Oyster Sampler

Wonderful Product! Everything was great!

Tasty and Super Fresh!

Thought I'd try the larger sampler this time because it was a great way to test the Totten's...and loved it! I recommend this larger sampler if you are really into oysters as I am...15 each as opposed to 8 each...but WELL worth it for the oyster lover! Thanks! J