Big Island Smoked Abalone

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Smoked Abalone

Spectacular taste and texture. I don’t know I’d serve it for guests however because @ $27 a can I’d find it difficult to evangelize (try it you will love it) But sitting alone at home it’s a great treat

Smoked Abalone

The abalone was tender, but not much of a smoked flavor. There were 5 abalone, so really only one serving per can for appetizers. They are expensive for what you get. Something for a special occasion.

Great Taste

I always wanted to try Abalone and this canned version did not disappoint. Taste was very unique. We had it with some California wine.


Wanted to try Abalone, tried it canned and smoked. Not so great. I love the smoked oysters that Taylor sells, but the abalone was average at best. Also,, you get like 3 or 4 of them in a can. (For 25 bucks) Neat taste, but definitely not worth the money.

So good I just want more.

Seriously the best thing I have ever had out of a can. These are tender and tasty. If it wasn’t so rare and on the expensive side I could eat these daily.